Being Punished By God . . .

12 Oct

Being Punished By God . . .

Got your attention under false pretenses, didn’t I?

The picture is of me with my breast cancer survivor’s locket, presented to me by a friend during Breast Cancer Awareness month (October) to celebrate my five years as a survivor.

So . . . raise your hand if you think God ever gives people breast cancer as a punishment for their sins?

Okay, if your hand is in the air, explain yourself theologically.

If every single one of my sins, past, present, and future went on Christ when He died on the cross, how does God later decide to punish me, as a believer in Christ, clothed in the garments of His righteousness, by giving me a disease?

Short answer: He doesn’t.

He also doesn’t punish the sins of a spouse or a child by giving the wife/mother breast cancer. Just want to make that clear.

And, in relation to non-believers, since they are facing an eternity in Hell, He doesn’t punish them with cancer either. Especially if it gets their attention and turns them to thoughts of eternal things. Sometimes they receive Christ as Saviour as a result of their experience of cancer.

Either way, the cancer itself is not a punishment. Eternity in hell will be a far worse punishment, if that person does not turn to Christ. God doesn’t need to exact punishment on that person in this world. He has forever to do that.

God does punish sin. Either in the person of Christ, when we receive Him as our Sinbearer, or in the person of us ourselves, if we choose to take our chances in eternity, all alone without Christ.

Justice demands punishment for sin. We need to know that. But God has provided the remedy for sin in Christ–we need to know that, too.

That is the critical issue of life.

Worrying about God giving us cancer for sin is just going down a blind alley theologically.

Please, if you or a familymember has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer, any other cancer, or any other deadly disease, don’t waste time wondering who is being punished. Christ was punished as our Sinbearer. Flee to Him and let Him comfort you!!!!!


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