Why, Iconobaptist? . . . A Year Later

25 Sep

I began Iconobaptist in July of 2012 as a vehicle in which to discuss beliefs as a Baptist who believes in the inerrant, inspired Word of God.

Where my beliefs conflict with the Word of God, I will always choose the Word. Sometimes I need to study a bit first, but I always intend to choose the Word of God over any manmade system, including my Baptist faith.  

Fact is, we all find a denomination (or non-denominational church) where we can live with the manmade system and we join.  We do that because God has shown us in the New Testament that He values the church as the Body of Christ and we should, too.

We will never find a church that matches every one of our beliefs, up and down the line, because we are all different people and no one person or system (except Christ and His Word) has totally answered every question in life correctly.  

Or . . . if someone has, we would not know how to identify that person.

Only Christ has that standing, forever!!!  Amen!

So . . . I have tried to hit some major areas of belief in my posts and to make some conjectures about the minor areas where we can differ.

I have included posts called reblogs from other authors who have good posts that support what I am trying to do, or that make us think. 

I have recently begun trimming the reblogs from my website, because they exist somewhere else.  

If I have left them up for a year for you to see, you will either have read them  . . . or not.  

By now, it is better for me to take them down and free up the space.

I will still use reblogs to help us start thinking about issues.  But they will not stay up on my website forever.  A few will, but the majority will not.  

So . . . if you like them, please bookmark them when you see them the first time.  Then they will be yours forever! 

Note to Renee Manka:  I will leave The Matheny Manifesto up forever, God willing!!!

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