Oh, for Heaven’s Sake, Senator Cruz–If You’re Gonna Filibuster . . .

25 Sep

If you have hours to read on the Senate floor, read the Affordable Care Act.  Out loud.  As much of it as you can before your voice gives out.

Demonstrate to the American people that you can’t even read all of that monster in one filibuster!  This is what you are working to repeal, right?

Show us that it is so long that no one in your Senate, or the House of Representatives, has ever read it all the way through.  Show us that there can be language in it in which unintended consequences are lurking . . . 

Big consequences.  

Unfortunately, the Democrats have won the war of words on this one.  They have done that by framing the debate and grabbing the high moral ground.

They should not have been able to do that.

Lots of solidly middle class families are waking up to the reality that, though they thought they would be the recipients of government aid in buying their health care, due to the kind words that were said about helping middle class people, they actually are now regarded as upper middle class for the purposes of this legislation.  They will be paying more than before, as their plans are regarded as “Cadillac plans.”

Yup, apparently just owning a private plan of your own was regarded as a “Cadillac” kind of thing to do.  If you were struggling to pay for it before, just watch what is going to happen now.  

Read the Affordable Care Act, Senator Cruz!  Read it on the Senate floor.  Go boldly where never a senator has gone before . . .


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