My Oldest Possession!

25 Sep

Tonight I gave away what may be my oldest possession, and the only one I owned before I met Noel.  

Ironically, I got it the same day I met Noel.  Several hours before.  It almost led to me not meeting Noel, too. 

It was my bicycle.  It was a necessity when I lived in London, as I worked some days at 5 AM, preparing for a brief at 9 AM for the Admiral.  The Tube (subway) didn’t run that early and the night buses were sporadic.  So I got a bike when I transferred to being the watchstander who briefed the Admiral at the start of my shift. 

I had picked it up early on that Friday and had ridden it back from the bike shop, much to my chagrin.  I never got completely used to riding a bike in London traffic.  The first day was the scariest!!! 

I had wanted to go to the Midsummer Night’s Passion Play (a medieval play about Bible events) at a church down the street from my home.  But none of my friends could go, as they were all watchstanders, too, many of them on opposite shifts to me.

I was tired and frazzled after riding my bike home.  I had to work my shift early the next day, on Saturday.  I almost didn’t go to the play.

But I did go in the end, all by myself, not knowing a soul,

And Noel came to that play, having heard from a friend in the cast that her friend would be in the audience.  Noel was supposed to look out for this girl.  It was kind of a blind date.

Only . . . that girl never came.  And apparently we resembled each other quite a bit.

You know what happened!!!  A case of mistaken identity.  

When we figured out the mistake, we already were having a good conversation.  So we sat together during the play and continued our conversation during the intermission.  He ended up walking me home.  

We kind of fell in love at first sight, although I would say I tried to play it very cool for the first several months.

After that, we both knew that it was the real thing!  

And now we are approaching our 25th anniversary.  

That makes the bike (whispers) . . . a little more than 28 years old!!!  A grand old Raleigh-Richmond, which was the luxury bike of the U.K. back in the day! 





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