Sin Always Wants to Raise the Ante

18 Sep

Ravi Zacharias may not have said it first, but he said it best.  He said that sin has a progressive nature that always causes it to push the envelope.  

He said that when a conversation is framed by nonbelievers, it always ignores that aspect of sin.  So they will ask, believing themselves to be reasonable, why there is only One Way to be saved (Jesus Christ).  They will say that that is narrow and exclusive.  

Ravi Zacharias always goes on to say that, the way we are as humans, if God had given us 1000 ways, we would be asking why He didn’t allow 1001.  Such is the progressive nature of sin.  Nothing is ever good enough for us when we are in its throes.  Nothing ever satisfies.  We push the envelope. 

God described the progressive nature of sin for us in Romans 1.  It always grasps for more.  It is never satisfied.  That is, in fact, part of the definition of sin.

So don’t be surprised to hear people talk about a “slippery slope” of morality.  There absolutely will be one.  Once we have allowed gay marriage, we will be redefining marriage in other ways as well.

Just be prepared.  Smart believers don’t put their heads in the sand.

And they don’t allow nonbelievers to define all the terms in a conversation either.  


One Response to “Sin Always Wants to Raise the Ante”

  1. Desiray September 18, 2013 at 11:30 AM #

    sin will always push the enevolpe

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