Baking a Cake for a Gay Wedding . . .

4 Sep

Baking a Cake for a Gay Wedding . . .

I am reblogging this to disagree fundamentally with it.  Written by a brother in Christ, it contains several places where assertions are made about the Scriptures that simply are not true.  

For example, where does the author get support for his idea that greed is worse than homosexuality as a sin?  The Bible clearly teaches that all sin is sin and that just one sin will bar us forever from heaven.  It then teaches that Christ came to redeem us all from our sin, of whatever type it might be.  Therein lies our hope as Christians, not in being sinless, but in being forgiven . . .

On the other hand, in that paradoxical way the Bible has of teaching us certain things that we just have to accept by faith, a list of sins that will keep people from “inheriting the kingdom of God” is given in I Corinthians 6.  Both greed and homosexuality are on that list, along with all sexual immorality.  The passage clearly says that some of the Corinthians had previously engaged in these sins, had repented, and had been forgiven for them.  They, along with all other believers in Christ, were going to inherit the kingdom of God.

So why can’t the people who engage in these sins and never repent of them inherit the kingdom of God?  What sets these sins apart from other sins which we all commit every day?

I have learned to understand this passage to be showing us certain sins that are so pervasive that engaging in them for an entire lifetime reveals a heart that has never had a posture of repentance before the Son of God who died for those very sins.

The best way I can explain it, if I enter the afterlife after a lifetime of unrepented homosexuality (or adultery), I am saying that I alone have the authority to determine what my sexual life should look like.  I am saying that, despite the fact that God is the Chief Engineer of the universe and created me according to a design, I don’t trust Him to have used adequate design principles in the way He made me.  I am showing I don’t trust Him, but rather only trust myself to know what is right for me and how I should live.

If I hold those beliefs about God, I can’t, at one and the same time, trust Him with a saving faith in Christ’s finished work for me on the cross.  I contradict my pleas for salvation with my life that reveals I don’t trust God and His designs for the human race, not even one iota!  

I wish that truth were not so hard on homosexuals.  I don’t mind it being that hard on adulterers or greedy people! 

But it is not kind to keep this truth from our gay friends.  Truly it is not.  Having a gay identity and living life as a chaste person is far better for one’s spiritual state than entering into a gay marriage.

There is no way to say that in a way gay people will understand, unless they are asking the Holy Spirit to show them the truth about their sexuality.  And if they are doing this, the Holy Spirit will gently, kindly show them what they need to know, with or without my words.  I  have read enough testimonies by born again people who identify as gay to know that there are lots of them who choose to live a chaste life.

The second point  I have in my review of this blog post is that I agree with Doug Wilson (and even reblogged him yesterday) when he points out that there are many business transactions we can make with gay couples that do not fall into the category of photographing their weddings or making their wedding cakes.

His example was the hardware owner who sells a gay couple the hammer with which they put up their wedding decorations.  He would be foolish to refuse that business transaction.    

The difference is that photographers and cake makers are artists.  They have to “feel” the joy of an occasion to be able to conscientiously photograph it or build a cake for it.  The trouble with requiring equal accommodation of everyone by a photographer or a cake maker is that artistic inspiration does not apply equally to everyone an artist knows.  I mean, even if the artist totally approves of every part of my life but thinks I am ugly, he will not be able to do a good job shooting my pictures or making my cake.  Ya know?  

There is just a personal piece to this that can’t be dictated, no matter how many lawsuits are filed.  

It is far better to keep looking till I find a photographer or a cake maker who is “on my wavelength.”

Therein, truly, lies the rub because the next lawsuits filed, after photographers are forced to photograph gay weddings against their convictions, will be gay couples who think their pictures are ugly compared to the straight couples taken by the same photographer.  And, if the photographer’s heart isn’t in his work, that may very well be the case.  

So . . . the answer gay couples are ultimately seeking (without realizing it yet) is for everyone to greet their unions with the same amount of joy with which they greet heterosexual weddings.  That will only happen for Christians if they are forced into re-education settings that turn them against the very Biblical convictions they hold.  

That would hardly be a diverse world, would it?  It would be a world in which people were forced, not only to serve as artists commemorating gay weddings, but, truly, to change their hearts to thoroughly approve of gay weddings.

And that is one thing that God, the Chief Engineer of the universe, has not left open to us as an option.  Loving our gay friends, yes.  Joyfully helping them enter into a state from which they cannot inherit the kingdom of God, no.

I pray for wisdom for us all as we lovingly share the whole counsel of God’s Word with gay people who are seeking it.


5 Responses to “Baking a Cake for a Gay Wedding . . .”

  1. fadwa September 5, 2013 at 7:22 AM #

    THANK YOU! for this awesome blog! The rebuttal was stated wisely and with understanding. Those who fear God leads to wisdom and knowledge of the Lord leads to understanding …Proverbs (I can’t remember the chapter and verse). I really needed this. I came up with the exact same conclusion in my mind, but your writing help to take my thoughtful arguments and place them concisely and clearly in writing. I am working on stoping these discriminatory human rights ordinances because creating special rights for others, while taking away constitutional rights of everyone else is leading to more division. Our Founders intended that we are governed by a higher authority…God and His laws place convictions in HIs people to maintain a moral society. America is growing darker and darker with immoral laws and many Christians (including myself, till 4 years ago) have allowed tolerance to help create this darkness. But now the HOly Spirit has awoken me and told me, “how much do you really have to hate someone to not tell them about Jesus” I know the Christian past with stopping sinful laws or physically hurting homosexuals is embedded in many peoples mind and hearts; allowing sinful laws to occurr to compromise hasn’t helped. And now you have Christians like you and I who speak up and try to show the love, but with truth and your paragraph states so well, how truth does hurt the homosexual. Eaiser to swallow those that cheat on their spouses or greedy people (as you say), because many homosexuals are so nice. But there are MANY nice, but ungodly people out there. But that is where our Constitution is suppose to be the answer – when you physically hurt someone you go to jail; you can freely refuse service, but opens the door for another business to serve (which is where the free market comes in and not socialism). As you can see I can go on and on. I am a much better speaker, not the greatest writer. I can’t seem to get my fingers to type as fast as my thoughts. I hope I made some sense.

  2. Nattles September 5, 2013 at 11:54 AM #

    “They have to “feel” the joy of an occasion to be able to conscientiously photograph it or build a cake for it.”

    “Feel the joy”? That’s a really dumb argument to help pacify Christian creators who don’t want to provide services to people who live lives contrary to the Bible. I’m a Christian creator myself, and I can guarantee you that not every single cake made or every single click of the camera contains special “feelings of joy.” Artists can certainly channel their feelings, emotions, and convictions through their work, and some works are more inspired than others. I totally agree that “artistic inspiration does not apply equally to everyone an artist knows.” But sometimes the “feelings” won’t flow, there’s no inspiration, but guess what? You’ve been hired to perform a service, and you can’t back down just because your “feelings” aren’t there. That’s an unprofessional, rude, and frankly un-Christian attitude to take toward your profession. Ultimately cake baking and photography are just jobs that you are paid to do by and for your clients. Elevating them above less-creative services is silly, and makes creators sound like unprofessional hacks who only work when “the mood is right.”

    Sure, you can certainly be picky with your clients based on your Christian convictions, and it’s not uncommon for creators across the board to decline requests that contain violence or hate speech. But when it comes to the issues you and Micah are talking about, I think avoiding certain clients based on their sins means you miss out on spreading Christ. Instead of saying “I can’t do this for you because what you’re doing is wrong,” try explaining how you will do it even if it’s contrary to your beliefs. Christ made sacrifices out of love to everyone, and we didn’t deserve it then or now. Even if the person keeps on living that lifestyle afterwards, your Christian attitudes of love, sacrifice, and patience will make a more positive impact on him or her than your rejection.

    • fadwa September 6, 2013 at 1:39 PM #

      Nattles – I hear what you are saying, but here is the problem. Christ did not engage in sin. Yes, He sat and ate with sinners, but He did not go with them in their sin. As a matter of fact those sinners repented and stopped sinning and wanted forgiveness. Many people Christ ate with did not repent and didn’t feel they needed any forgiveness. CHrist didn’t run after them saying, “wait come back”. He let them make their own eternal choices. The two convicted men on the crossed with Christ – one repented and the other cursed. One went to heaven the other didn’t. CHrist didn’t say to the one who didn’t repent, “hey its ok, I like you just the way you are”. As a matter of fact, He didn’t even speak to him.

      When a homosexual or lesbian couple ask a Christian to come and be an active part of their sin, that is where the line is drawn. It doesn’t mean there is no mutual respect, but for a photographer to go and take pictures of images that to them is sinful and they are “engaging” in it and having to develop those pictures, places them ‘in the act” and in a sense “rape” because now they are forced to do this job against their will (against their first amendment rights) and now those images are in their minds and will not go away. Just like someone who has been physically raped.

      Majority of the time business owners do not know who is gay or not and there is no reason to know. BUT when a person – gay or heterosexual – wants a service that makes the business owner a part of the “act of sin” that is against their religious beliefs they have to say “no”. For example many Christian doctors and Christian pharmacists refuse to prescribe or dispense birth control based on their religious beliefs and so a colleague will have to prescribe it or dispense that birth control. They too do not want to be “engaging” in something that is against their religious beliefs. Christians or muslim’s or hindu’s or whatever faith are more afraid of God than of man. There is no way a religious muslim photographer would take those pictures either, Christians are not the only ones.

      • hnw October 30, 2013 at 11:33 PM #

        I assume you’d also encourage restaurant owners to turn away customers who are overweight then [unless they can prove a medical condition that absolves them of gluttony].

        And I assume that if you’re in sales, you’d avoid creating too much rapport with your customer — what if you discovered they were buying their new car/house with, *gasp*, lottery winnings? Or maybe they work in an industry that bothers you…because you really shouldn’t, in good conscience, accept money that you know was earned via _____. (<– insert your pet peeve there, maybe porn or stripping, or distributing drugs, or teaching evolution to impressionable youngsters, or community organizing)

        And I suppose your Christian ob-gyn should turn away a single woman who wants to keep her baby…because that really encourages that kind of behavior — both the keeping of the baby, yes, but also the getting pregnant out of wedlock part.

        It must be really complicated to do business as a "Christian."

      • Mary Gardner Martin October 30, 2013 at 11:42 PM #

        Lots of hyperbole here, but losing the strand of God saying that, while all sin is sin, there are certain types of (unrepented) sin from which one will never see the Kingdom of God. It is easy for all of us to list the sins for which we most like to bash others; I was going with what the Bible says. You don’t have to accept that, but you do have to be intellectually honest about it if you do not.

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