Rachael’s Last Adventure

13 Aug

The story of the last days of our 20 year old niece Rachael, written by her husband Shaun. They nearly made their one year anniversary, but she passed away July 14. They had married, in London, the day of the Olympic Opening Ceremonies last year, however, they were in a part of London where the traffic was not affected by the Olympics events that day! Praise God!

Rachael's Travels

Hi everybody, it’s Shaun here. I wish I didn’t have to write these words but I think it’s important to write a final chapter to the story of the finest, most beautiful person I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.

Sadly Rachael passed away on the morning of the 14th July 2013. I just want to say straight away that, though this is tragic news, Rachael’s passing couldn’t have been better- even if it was premature. She was laughing, singing and joking until her final hours where she just went to sleep for the final time. During this time she was surrounded by her most precious people and it was very peaceful.

I would like for us all to celebrate what we have learned from Rachael and the words she shared with the world here.

The number one thing I learned from Rachael was to ‘live well’- this is…

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