Just a Thought–Why Do We Treat God as the Big Spoilsport in the Sky?

11 Jul

I come back to this question at least once a year.  There is a large subset of our population throughout the world that believes there is a God and that the purpose of His existence is solely to ruin our fun!

Why do we think that way?  Surely our earthly fathers have something to do with the idea of God that we ultimately embrace but there is something more to it than that.  Our earthly fathers are not perfect, but there are not so many spoilsport dads out there as to lend universal validity to this flawed assumption about God.

I guess it has something to do with our sin and our guilt, because my more graphic friends describe it as “waiting for someone to pull my pants down and expose me publicly to humiliation.”  

I guess it has to do with knowing that we actually deserve that humiliation.  

But, guess what?

Christ took that humiliation on our behalf.  He hung naked on a cross to die, bearing our sin.  He paid the penalty that we might go free.

I have never known Him to be a spoilsport after that either.  He made me free and life in Him is unbelievably rich.  Anything I have had to give up as a Christian has been more than replaced by the things He has given to enrich my life.

Just a thought.  God is plotting to do us good!!! 


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