Instant Experts . . .

10 Jul

I have noticed something about my special needs son, who is now a young adult.  He wants to be an instant expert in everything he attempts.  

That is part of his disability, but also part of the human condition.  We all want the acclaim of being an accomplished pianist without practicing every day for a decade.  We all want to be a top-ranked chef the first time we bake a cake from a mix.  We all want to be E.F. Hutton and have everyone listen to us when we talk . . . Just because! 

We all want to gain acclaim without having to break a sweat . . .

Fortunately for us, God has not organized the world quite the way we wish it would be.  I have to believe that it is something about the struggle to grow and to learn that ennobles us and that gives us character.  Kind of like the butterfly getting its beautiful wings from the struggle to get out of the cocoon!

Meanwhile, we practice piano faithfully for minimal results sometimes, cook every day for years without noticeable progress toward becoming a great chef, and write blogs or speak to groups without becoming known as a top expert in our field, or in any field at all!

And that is okay.  It is the human condition.  We all think we need to matter to others more than we actually do.

It is when I embrace my very ordinariness that I am actually closest to God, I find.  I can be ordinary because He is extraordinary–and He holds my life in His hands.  

Meanwhile, we need to learn how to live in a world where people want to be regarded as heroes without actually doing anything.  

There are the people who claim they had military service, but never did.  Some of them even find a way to get to the Exchange to buy actual medals to wear in honor of their fantasized service to their country.  

There are people who will spin a short term missions trip, or a phone conversation with a missionary, into an identity as a missionary for themselves!

There is a reason for this.  Many people regard missionaries and military servicemembers as heroic.  So, for a wannabe hero, stealing an identity in one of these fields is the way to go . . . 

I am so glad that God has made each of us just as we are, with a plan tailor-made to our lives.  My pastor, who truly is one of my heroes, often says that he would have wished to be a missionary, or even a servicemember (we live in a military town), but God had neither of those callings for him, so he went into the local church ministry as the place God actually did call him.

I love his attitude.  In not trying to present himself as a hero, he actually has become my hero.  I admire him for being who he is in Jesus and for being a great leader to our church.

May we all learn the wisdom of being the person God created us to be.  

And, if we do have notable accomplishments in life, may we be willing to work long and hard to achieve the status of experts.   

For there is no instant expert . . .


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