Suicide: Sometimes the Runner Stumbles!

5 Jul

Our Pastor did something very brave Wednesday.  In a church filled with out-of-town guests here for a wedding yesterday/Thursday, he took the time to teach his congregation about how to respond to suicide.  That is important as, today, we are laying to rest a beloved congregation member who took his own life.

I will never understand and will not attempt to explain that action.

I didn’t try last time either, when it was the son of our pastor (at another church) who took his own life.  

It is trite to try to explain.  We can’t do that.

But we can respond with compassion.  The survivors need our hugs, not our lame attempts to sound wise.

Only God is wise enough to fully understand that topic, ya know!!!???  We do well to acknowledge our limitations.

On the other hand, knowing that there are lives around us filled with great physical pain and/or  emotional pain, far beyond our ability to notice (or even to comprehend, when we do notice), we would be wise to encourage each other a little more.  

There are always those who jeer the runner when he stumbles.  They can go beyond jeering and pile on!  But, did you notice, they are always spectators in the stand?  His fellow runners are always so busy running that they don’t notice the stumble.  Or if they do, they help him up so he can run again.  

The running analogy works for life, especially life as a Christian.  We don’t know how close some runners may get to suicidal thoughts when they stumble.  That part is usually hidden from us.  But it is perfectly clear in God’s Word that encouragement of a fellow believer is always appropriate.  

Let’s help them grow, rather than pile on them when they stumble.

P.S.  The above random thoughts are in honor of Mr. Lucky, but don’t sum up any actual incidents in his life.  They are random thoughts while contemplating the subject of suicide.  Mr. Lucky, we will miss you forever, and will miss you particularly at the meal today as we kind of expect you to come around to make sure everyone has had enough to eat!  Your kind heart was noticed.  Love you, friend!  


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