Proud . . . (And Inconsistent) . . .

1 Jul

Ever noticed how easily we humans become inconsistent?

Like the people who quote verses on pride at other people.  Do they ever think about the statement they are making with that?  “If I think I have the right to quote a verse about pride at you, I must think I am better than you are, eh???”

Or the people who, in their initial stages of joining a group, go on and on about cliques and unfriendliness in that group until they reach a position of leadership in it themselves, at which point they only hang out with their peers in leadership.  I have been told that that move is called “wanting the ladder to be lowered to let you in the boat, but pulling it up after you get in!”  Very inconsistent stuff!

If it is in a church setting, the person will initially go on and on about visitors not feeling welcome, but, once appointed to leadership, you will never again see that person talking to a visitor!

I am on a roll with this topic but there is method to my madness.

We are all inconsistent, wildly so at times.  A bit of self-awareness goes a long way, especially in someone who is trying to maintain a Christian witness.

In general, we will never “guilt” someone into doing the right thing.  That is a shortcut that we wish would work but it does not.  The harder thing to do is to provide an example to others of how to do things correctly.  That takes more time, but it actually works, at least with some people.  Not everyone in life will be our student.  Nor should they be.  We are all inconsistent at times.  None of us is in a position to be a good example of everything for everybody.

As I remind myself constantly (the Puritan writers called it “preaching yourself a sermon”), I have been the recipient of such abundant grace from our Father that I dare not extend anything but grace to my fellow humans, especially my brothers and sisters in Christ.  I will get it wrong.  I will say things clumsily.  I will even lose my temper and say things intentionally that are dead wrong.  I am a sinner and will continue to be one till this life is over.  

But God is worth my service.  So I learn, . . . and grow, . . . and continue . . .


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