Reaping the Whirlwind–What Idolatry Will Do to Us in the End!

28 Jun

There is a reason that gay marriage will never satisfy the people who enter into it.

It is against God’s design.  Therefore it is idolatrous.

It takes a person and puts him into God’s place, in the belief that that person can become not only our entire world, but also our god and our universe.  We fire God and try to replace Him with a human being.  It will never work.  It doesn’t work when heterosexuals try it either.  

Once we depart from God’s ways and God’s design, we are on our own.  And we make some huge mistakes therein.  Our hearts are built for worship.  If we don’t worship the true God, we will manufacture a god and worship it.  Right now, worship is being directed to the institution of gay marriage.  But it will not ultimately satisfy, and great will be the crash when the people who counted on that institution, and their partners in it, to satisfy them deep down inside, in that worship place.

You see, the suicide rate is not only high among gays because they are bullied.  It is also high because, deep down inside, they have a conscience with its alarm system going off.  They know that their desires are not according to God’s design.  They know that they are going their own way, apart from God.  And they sense that they will never, never be satisfied by the results of that sojourn.  

Even if they could force every other person in America to praise them for entering into a gay marriage, their own consciences would still affirm that something is dreadfully wrong.  And they would still face suicidal tendencies, from their own hearts, because their hearts are estranged from the true God. 

It is not a place I would wish for my worst enemy to be trapped.

And, you see, the huge difference between a gay idolator and a heterosexual idolator is that, if two heterosexuals marry each other in an idolatrous relationship, they can later get right with God and make that relationship work.  A gay couple can never, ever do that.

All idolatry is sin.  But homosexual marriages create a legalized sinful state that is going to produce some immense consequences for those who enter therein. 

No one wants to be estranged, not only from God but from their own souls.  And this is what will happen to gay couples who proceed along the road to gay marriage.

You can never, ever make a person god in your life and have your relationship and your life succeed.  You will live in brokenness, by definition.

I say this in utter sorrow, as today a friend since college is marrying his boyfriend.  I purposely did not tag this post to call his attention to it.  If he sees it later, that will be God’s intervention in his life.  

I don’t know what lies ahead for gay people.  It seems that programs to help them have heterosexual desires only work every once in a while, for certain people.  

So it seems as though gay people may need to purpose to be celibate, in order to serve God in integrity.

Not an easy life.  It is not easy for heterosexuals who don’t marry either.  Almost everyone wants to belong to someone in a physical relationship.  

But certainly, as Jesus said, it is far better to sacrifice certain temporal comforts than to sacrifice our immortal souls.  

Heavy things to ponder.  I am here to pray with anyone who needs me.


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