The Movie “Rebecca” Comes to Life For Me!

24 Jun

I have a recurring dream about an English country house, perched near the North Sea or the Irish Sea.  On a cliff, of course.

Yes, right out of my favorite Gothic romance movie “Rebecca.”  Since I am married to a Brit, you have to humor me a bit on that!  LOL!

The house has dozens of rooms.  So many that, although I am the owner and I live there, I don’t know exactly how many rooms there are nor where they all are.

In fact, I am always in the middle of discovering some dusty room that has been closed off and unused for months, if not years.  It is sometimes a whole wing like that, maybe a couple of bedrooms and a parlor.

The dream interpreters love themes like this because a house is usually a symbol for the self.  My self lives in my body, which can be called my house.  My dreams make it into a lavish country house because my subconscious, supposedly, believes that I have a lot of potential and a lot of good things ahead of me, even at 55.

The forgotten room(s) is/are supposedly talents/giftings that I have neglected but can rediscover again before it is too late.  I can dust them off and have them be usable talents without too much fuss and bother.  

I love optimistic dreams like this one.  I really do tend to be much more an optimist about life in this world than a pessimist, although I have a huge cynical streak (let’s just say, if I set my expectations low, I am rarely disappointed by what happens . . .  I have worked with all males several times in my career and their black humor about life has rubbed off!).  

How many of you have recurring dreams about the same house–a house you have never seen?  I understand from several discussions that this is a very, very common dream.  Some people dream of leaving the house behind, instead of living in it, and the interpretation of that one is quite different from mine . . . 




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