Motorcycle Mama Gets Gigged!

23 Jun

Motorcycle Mama Gets Gigged!

On the occasion of my 55th birthday, and not quite ready to stop acting silly on occasion, I offer the following tale from the summer of 1985 (when I was 27, if anyone is counting . . .).

Our squadron was deployed to Bermuda for six months. Unless you lived permanently in Bermuda, you were not allowed to own a car, so it was the practice of the squadrons that went to Bermuda to buy mo-peds, then sell them onward to the next squadron that came for six months, until they no longer worked and new ones needed to be purchased. This probably went on for decades, until they closed that base in the 1990’s.

I tremulously got used to driving a mo-ped, first on base, then around the island. I even got to do it well enough that I once was able to ride double with my friend Mary when her mo-ped conked out on a trip around the island. At night. It was a slow trip back to the base, but it worked.

However, even American citizens who worked on the base under the Status of Forces Agreement with Bermuda had to obey the Bermudian law and . . . thus it was that I once got stopped at the gate, coming back onto the base, because I had sandals on while driving my mo-ped. Open-toed shoes were not allowed in Bermuda!

I frantically called a friend from the gate, as the guards would not let me budge till I changed my shoes!

Since no one locked their doors in the BOQ (Bachelor Officer Quarters), he was able to get into my room and bring me a regular pair of shoes from my closet.

I was relieved. At least until he showed up at the gate and I realized I had been gigged (or, as they say today, pranked).

He had brought my flight boots!

Not only that, he had posted photographers out in front of the BOQ to take my picture as I drove up in my flight boots ten minutes later!

Ha ha ha! That friend who made the Bermuda deployment so much fun left the Navy soon after we returned so he could marry his love back in Ohio and raise his children near their grandparents.

I have not seen him since, but, hey, Brian, if you ever see this photo in the blogosphere, yes, I am still laughing about that incident almost thirty years later!!!

Happy birthday to me!


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