Avoiding Cyberstalking . . .

18 Jun

Yup, it’s really come to this.  

Have you ever noticed when we order from an Amazon third-party seller, they get our snail mail address to process our order?

However, if there is a problem with the order, they do not get our email address–Amazon changes our emails into an Amazon email address to avoid giving out our real email.  

Amazing.  The person with whom I just registered a complaint knows where I live and can easily find me via a GPS.  

But she can’t have my email address because everyone is afraid of cyberstalking.  

In all honesty, I am in total agreement with this.  

It is far more likely that someone will “go off” on me while hiding behind the anonymity of cyberspace than that she would drive all the way here from Mississippi to try to vandalize my place or hurt me!

Oh, strange new world!


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