The Total Woman

11 Jun

Back in 1974, a Christian woman named Marabel Morgan published a book called “The Total Woman”. Her book, which went on to be a best seller of the anti-feminist movement, advocated that a woman become her husband’s love slave, totally giving herself over to fulfilling his every desire. The book was best known for advising a woman to greet her husband at the door at night clothed only in Saran wrap!

While the excesses of that book can be readily seen today (a woman might be arrested for the Saran wrap, if seen by a neighborhood child), and women are more accurately encouraged today to worship God, not their husbands, many Christian women have seemingly reacted to that era by going too far in the opposite direction. They withhold themselves in marriage.

Marriage is not ultimately about us as women–it is a picture of Christ and His church, so it is ultimately about being able to be part of a loving partnership.

When we withhold ourselves emotionally in marriage, whether due to the decision to not seek help for emotional issues or whether due to some mistaken idea that we can develop a “mystique” by not being emotionally available to our husbands, we sin against God’s great gift of marriage. Marriage is not to exalt us as an unattainable, precious “brand”–it is a partnership to enable us to more efficiently serve God.

Let us, by loving our husbands without holding back part of ourselves, more perfectly love our God. Balance is everything!


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