The Sinner’s Prayer Does Not Save Us

11 Jun

I am just finishing up J.D. Greear’s book “Stop Asking Jesus into Your Heart” and want to write a book recommendation to express how good it is.

There are two reasons:

1. He addresses people, like me, who spend years getting to a sound, Biblically-based assurance of faith because we get hung up on the Sinner’s Prayer, whether we said it right, and whether we meant it 100% at the time we said it. We are usually genuinely saved, but lack assurance of that fact.

2. He addresses people who said the Sinner’s Prayer once, like a magical incantation, then returned to their regularly scheduled life, excluding God from it. They are usually not genuinely saved, yet feel very assured that they are, from shaky, non-Biblical sources.

God promised in I John 5:13 that we can know for sure we are born again. We can count on the finished work of Christ.

Those counting on anything more, or less, than Christ’s finished work cannot claim I John 5:13 for assurance of salvation. We either accept the whole counsel of Scripture or reject it all. We don’t get to pick and choose.

Just as God does not often bless it when people open their Bible in the morning and stick a finger somewhere in it to choose a devotional passage, because God is to be approached with more reverence than a fortune teller, so it is not God’s plan that we base our eternal security in a recitation of the Sinner’s Prayer. Yes, many of us say that prayer when we get saved, but the prayer does not save us. Christ’s finished work on our behalf saves us, by grace through faith.

This book is a real treat, as it takes us through God’s Word, rightly dividing it as it teaches the doctrines of salvation and the perseverance of the saints.

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