To My Friends at NSA . . .

8 Jun

I have been having a lot of fun on my Facebook page these past 36 hours since the UK’s Guardian broke the news that virtually any communication we send via Google, Facebook, Microsoft, YouTube, Apple, Skype, and more can be swept up directly by our National Security Agency in a vast and growing overreach of what the Patriot Act intended. No warrant needed. They have direct access to the servers. Trust us, would we target U.S. citizens?

Well, um, my Facebook page does not give my citizenship. Not everyone lives in the country of their birth so, yeah, I think even good intentions could lead to abuse here. We are naive to think otherwise.

And tens of millions of innocent foreigners have Facebook accounts run through a U.S. server feeding into NSA. What about them? Should they trust the U.S. government to be reasonable in interpreting their communications? We operate drones, you know. Easy to make a mistake with them.

So I have been tacking notes to NSA on to my Facebook posts.

I am a blogger. Anyone can read my blog, no warrant required.

I am pretty sure I will always be such small potatoes that I will stay off NSA’s radar. But still. It is the principle after all.

My goal is to get us to agitate enough that Congress will relook at the Patriot Act and modify its sweeping powers to collect on innocent citizens.

Maybe they will even read it all this time.

The Constitution, ya know?


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