My Vegetarian Year!

3 Jun

My Vegetarian Year!

We all have things in our lives that are basically irrational. There may, on the surface, appear to be a reason for them or a relationship with something but, if we probe that a bit, it vanishes.

Mine was when I spent 1989, the year of my marriage, mostly as a vegetarian.

My year began early, in December of 1988, when I flew to the home of my fiance’s parents for Christmas. I happened to catch a flight out of Stuttgart, Germany to Birmingham, England the day after Pan Am flight 103 went down over Lockerbie, Scotland.

Pan Am 103 had originated in Frankfurt, Germany, transferred to another aircraft in London, England, and had blown up on its way to JFK Airport in New York City, due, it was concluded, to an unaccompanied bag on board that had originated in Frankfurt.

Watching the carnage over Scotland caused something in me to break.

First of all, I had to board an aircraft less than 24 hours after that happened. Like Pan Am 103, my flight originated in Germany and was Britain-bound. I figured that it might actually be safer to fly right after a terrorist incident and indeed, back in those pre-9/11 days, it was.

But when I got to Birmingham, and especially upon my return to Stuttgart, I found myself mostly revulsed by the idea of meat. I knew it was related to the Lockerbie incident and all the stress it generated. Yet I couldn’t explain why I choked at the idea of meat. I still can’t.

It was a good year anyway. Until I married, I employed a maid/cook several days a week. She made me some excellent vegetarian dishes. Win!

And it taught me that I can live as a vegetarian. Every once in a while I still try that for a week or so.

It’s all good.


One Response to “My Vegetarian Year!”

  1. Meryl Goodwin Dawes June 3, 2013 at 12:33 AM #

    i was vegetarian for 10 years did it for better health……I ate fish.. but no meats…. but did cook it for everyone else….gradually changed back to eating meat after we came to the USA…almost 20 years ago…in most part because for the first 2 years we lived as guests of other people and I felt I could not dictate to my hosts what they should serve me….so just began eating what I was given, thankful for it..while Noel raised his support base…. but often now I have a meatless day.. I still always choose the Vegetarian meal on the planes… normally order in advance the Asian Vegetarian meal….normally that is Vegan…but so very tasty………

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