Nobody Gets a Free Pass if He Tries to Kill a Police Officer

25 May

Nobody Gets a Free Pass if He Tries to Kill a Police Officer

Volatile situations make us uncomfortable. They make us want to run away fast.

We never like it when a young black man is killed by an older white police officer. Emotions run high.

However . . .

I have written before that we all tend to have blinders on in relation to the things our own children do. This article points out that tendency once again.

The young man in this article seems to have had exemplary behavior in life until this week. Then he made a series of unfortunate decisions.

He and his girlfriend attempted to pass a bad check.

When caught, he decided to try to flee from law enforcement officers on the scene. That involved the decision to back up over one of them, and not only once. He took enough evasive actions that he bounced his car off several impediments in the area.

The LEO’s partner, not knowing where his partner was or whether he was alive, utilized deadly force to disable the man who had already attempted murder.

I am sure someone somewhere is spouting the line about how adolescents and young adults don’t yet have a sound, functioning area of the brain related to judgment and decision-making. How they make awful decisions that affect the rest of their lives.

For this young man, that was surely true. His bad decisions ended his life.

Now his girlfriend, his family, and some of their community members want to make that the police force’s fault.

They seem to think that, since he was young and not capable of good judgment, he should have gotten a free pass to attempt to kill or even succeed in killing a LEO.

Be careful what you ask for, folks. If we make it hard for white police officers to work in black communities without criticism, we may find good people choosing careers other than law enforcement.

It is never easy to make split second decisions in a crisis. It is especially hard if you become aware that your decisions involve someone of another race and you might be highly criticized no matter what you do.

Let’s let our local LEO’s know we appreciate them, shall we? They have one of the most difficult jobs around, and often only face criticism.

Let’s tell them they matter to us and that we pray for them . . .


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