Why We Don’t Cry Wolf!

15 May

This week, I stand firmly behind my decision to never run with stories that are not well-vetted.  

I understand that even professional news organizations can make mistakes.

USA Today did that last week when they became one of the first to publish an article implying that the military was about to begin court-martialing people for speaking of their Christian faith.  What they ran with was a quote from one panelist, an atheist, on a committee to re-evaluate current military policy on religious proselytization.  He said he wishes court martials would occur.  Of course, he does.  He was reportedly run down by Christians on every side when he was in the military.  And those Christians were apparently delighted to tell him he was going to hell.

Ouch.  We should never speak of hell without tears that real people will end up there. 

So, after spending valuable time last week disproving the idea that court martials were imminent, and remarking that some Christian organizations have a crisis every day for which they blame the President, I now give another good reason why those tactics of constantly exaggerating about the President are so wrong.  

Because his administration really does have some deep problems. 

And when we cry wolf about pretend stuff every day of the year, people eventually shut their ears.  

Then when real stuff really does come along, you can’t mobilize people to speak up.

In fact, you immunize them so they can’t tell the difference between a real crisis and hyperbole.  


We have three major crises at this very moment.  They are real:

1) Benghazi (too many senior officials who were on the scene there are opposing the State Department’s version of events)

2) IRS (Eric Holder just ordered the FBI and the Department of Justice to investigate their uneven handling of applications for tax exempt status by organizations with political views)

3) Associated Press (phone records were obtained by the Department of Justice on 20 of their  phones, including personal phones owned by reporters and a line that went to the Capitol for communication with legislators).  There were several months’ worth of records obtained and the usual notice given in such cases was withheld until this week.  The records are from over a year ago.  Eric Holder says the records concerned an attempted bombing for the anniversary of bin Laden’s death and that there was a leak compromising national security.  Maybe he is right, but this is going to be a huge case until someone explains to the AP and the American public why it was necessary to take away the confidentiality of those reporters in going after sources.  Someone will also have to explain to the reporters whose personal phones were part of this why their privacy was compromised.  

You see?  I often have said that I have issues with our current administration.  Real issues.  I don’t need to grandstand or make things up.

I only hope my more flamboyant Christian brothers and sisters who gain attention every day by denouncing the President have learned a lesson this week!


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