There is No Up Side to This . . .

13 May

From Mike Huckabee’s Facebook page, May 13, 2013:  “We’re finally learning what happened in Benghazi. Today, let’s talk about why… The Obama Administration claims the deadly attack in Libya was beyond their control. Critics say it was preventable, and was covered up because it might have hurt Obama’s reelection. But the NeoNeoCon blog has another theory that’s sparking debate: too many incompetent yes men. Obama was elected with no executive or security experience. Other Presidents overcame that by appointing expert advisors. But Obama mostly appoints fellow leftwing academics and political operatives. When Benghazi struck, military experts were ordered to stand down. Instead, the decision-making was left to people like Hillary Clinton, her longtime fixer who’d been installed at State, and Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes, a former Obama speechwriter with a degree in fiction. That must’ve come in handy when creating the YouTube excuse. Maybe the problem is that the people in charge of national security are just as qualified as the people who’ve been making decisions about the economy.” 
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I so seldom spend any political capital in criticizing the liberal/progressive-dominated government we currently have in power that I feel very comfortable doing that today.  I know I haven’t cried “wolf” so much that I have lost my audience, or even my credibility when I summon moral outrage.

I just heard strike three while on the elliptical at my gym, watching Anderson Cooper.  When that man is getting outraged about illegal government actions, you gotta know something serious is going down.   

Just breaking.  The Department of Justice has been spying on Associated Press reporters, secretly gathering information that Eric Holder claims helps them in criminal investigations but which the AP claims is simply private information that is none of their business!!! At least 20 work and personal phones of AP reporters were targeted–records were seized but the content of conversations was left private.

This is coming in the same week in which we have heard that the IRS targeted tax exempt organizations with conservative views for investigation, adding so many bureaucratic layers to the paperwork that they had to fill out to file their returns as to make it almost impossible to get them done in a proper, timely manner!

The talking heads on Anderson Cooper were claiming that maybe those organizations were so tainted by politics that they were not qualified to be tax exempt at all.  To which the representative of the conservative groups simply asked, “Is there a similar list of organizations  with liberal views that were put through the same paces???  You can’t punish organizations for their viewpoints!”  That question/statement was met with no answer.

And those two things come on top of Benghazi and the problems during Hilary Clinton’s tenure at the Department of State. 

Either one of two things is going on here with our current President and his administration (since the Department of Justice, the Treasury Department, and the Department of State work under heads appointed by the President):

1) Something diabolical (with the obvious question, “what did the President know about these situations and when did he know it?”), or

2) Something incompetent (as in a rogue, out-of-control bureaucracy bordering on Third World standards for punishing those who are in a different political party).  It might be that multiple layers of his administration have turned rogue on the President and he totally doesn’t realize it.  That would be very scary, but very possible, given the extreme inexperience this particular President brought to the White House.  He does indeed seem to have surrounded himself with ideologues of his persuasion rather than seasoned people.  It is utterly feasible to think that some mid-level bureaucrats could take over the IRS, and the Departments of Justice and State, employing banana republic tactics against their perceived enemies and getting away with it for a while as their very academic senior leadership trusts them to take care of business . . .

Now, let’s bring this back to Christianity and its teachings.  We are all sinners.  If we are Republicans, we can’t target all Democrats as being evil while treating Republicans as if they can do no wrong.  If we are Democrats, we can’t treat all Republicans with suspicion, while treating all Democrats as above reproach.  The Bible says the heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked.  That, my friends, is why we build checks and balances into our government.  We are all capable of abusing power, given the right circumstances.

We may have just found a trifecta of such circumstances.  Unless anything else happens this week and raises the number of political crises even higher . . . 


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