Look Into My Eyes!

11 May

It happened again at the store this morning.  

The bagger, a lady of right about my age, asked me whether I preferred paper or plastic while the cashier was asking me something else and I was watching for a particular price to show up on the register.

I didn’t hear what the bagger said.  But, more than that, I didn’t realize she was speaking to me.  She wasn’t looking at me while talking.

I frankly don’t know how to tell anymore when someone is talking to me.  People have stopped making eye contact.  They throw words out there and you’re supposed to know they are addressed to you.  How?

I have done the opposite, while getting used to the electronic age in its early years, and have answered someone who was actually talking on a phone.  Especially when those phones shrank to Blue Tooths and earpieces.  

In the process of learning that a whole lot of people walk along talking on their mobiles, I managed to shut down my perception that anyone out there is actually talking to me in person.  Unless I see their eyes on mine.  

And . . . the electronics have arrested people’s development, apparently, so that locking their gaze on me is no longer something I should expect to be forthcoming.  

This is not a theological thought piece, nor even a rant.  Just a bewildered observation that, aside from my friends and family who are pretty clear about it when they have something to say to me, I don’t know how to tell when someone is trying to initiate a conversation with me.

Please forgive me if I walk away.  I don’t mean to be rude.  I just don’t know you’re talking to me . . .


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