Bloggers, You Can’t Have it Both Ways!

8 May

I created a firestorm on my Facebook page the other day by posting an anonymous blog post from the Huffington Post.  

A male blogger who was undergoing In Vitro Fertilization with his wife (for a second baby) posted how disappointed he was that they had conceived not just twins, but male twins, when they wanted a girl to complete their family.  

While I understand from friends undergoing IVF that it is a very stressful experience that rocks your identity to the core, many of the commentators on this man’s blog and on various Facebook pages were furious with him.  

Most people were outraged with him that he would dictate to the Lord on high that he would only be happy with a girl.  Oh, and not twins.  Please God, not twins.  

However, others sympathized with his need to express his legitimate feelings rather than suppress them.

I said that I could understand, as a fellow fallen human, the kind of junky feelings we can have toward our families and our circumstances sometimes.  I could not understand voicing them in a blog with worldwide readership (especially as I believe the Huffington Post pays its bloggers).    

And, for the third leg on the stool, I certainly cannot understand any pushback from him or his defenders against the outrage generated by his blog post.  

The way I see it, when you are a blogger, you open yourself for comments.  

If you don’t want the pushback, put that post in your journal, just for yourself.  

I do that all the time.  I even write it out by hand so there is no chance of circulating it electronically by accident (and I started journaling before we ever got our first electronic means of posting things–we didn’t get a computer till 1996).

Simple.  If I can handle comments on an issue, I go ahead and post it.

If not, I write the post to myself only, or to a few carefully chosen friends.

Beyond that, there is no option to let a post fly out to the world on the blogosphere, then whimper and claim persecution when people disagree with it.

Everyone has the right to their own thoughts and to free speech, not just me.

And not everyone is going to agree with me on issues.

Once I know that, the blogosphere is a cool place to be!




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