The Before and After Poster

29 Apr


Everyone who loses 110 pounds needs a before and after poster, so I have finally made mine.

The pants I wear today are a loose size 10. I have never been a size 8, even in my 20’s at Officer Candidate School, when I was working out three hours a day including circuit training.

I may yet be a size 8, but that is not a goal.

Meanwhile, the pants I wore in January 2012, which I am holding up in the photo, were a tight size 3X.

Glory to God! He enabled this, and continues to enable it.

And one additional part of this, for which I am very grateful to God right now, is that my skin didn’t need to be corrected after the weight loss. Many women need surgery to remove excess skin after an extreme loss like this. My skin is (genetically) very supple and has grown and shrunk right along with me.

The worst I might develop is a few extra wrinkles.

Again, praise God!


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