Making up Support for our Pet Doctrines . . .

23 Apr

Ever notice how many times we get a personal preference in mind and try to turn it into a Biblical doctrine? 

I think we all do it.  But it is a very dangerous thing to do.  God told us not to alter His Word.  He gets to make the rulebook, not us.

One example (of thousands I could give) is the idea that husbands and wives should do everything together, 24/7.

Some couples actually work together, and additionally have the personalities to prefer to spend all of their free time with each other, too.  That is wonderful, for them!

However, it can happen that they start overlaying that preference on the Word of God, where it is not expressed (God does not tell us how much time to spend together as a couple, possibly because couples can differ greatly from each other in this area without any of them sinning!).  

One place where people can attempt to build doctrine from God’s silence on an issue is in Genesis 3, where it has been said that Adam must have left his wife alone with the serpent.  People will say if he had not done that, she would not have sinned.  As though original sin would never have happened if Adam had just remained with his wife 24/7 for the rest of history!

Except . . . if that is truly the case, then it looks like Adam committed the first sin before Eve ever was tempted by the fruit.  Ya know???

I am thinking that God doesn’t want us to overanalyze where Adam was while Eve was tempted.  If Adam had sinned by leaving his wife alone, I am pretty sure God would have made that apparent to us, for that would have been when mankind fell (and all the verses that say that woman sinned before man would be inaccurate, too . . .).  

Couples can work out for themselves, with freedom and grace, how much time they spend together as a couple.  

Couples can also refrain from commenting on other families who don’t do things exactly the way they do.  

There is great value in giving each other grace in areas of personal preference!!!


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