Part III, Vanity Series: Using Superspiritual Language for Everything!

20 Apr

Psalm 39:5, “Behold, thou hast made my days [as] an handbreadth; and mine age [is] as nothing before thee: verily every man at his best state [is] altogether vanity. Selah.”

I have changed my mind on something as I have aged.

God’s reputation is paramount; mine, as long as it does not discredit His, is not very important.

Therefore, when I meet someone and sense that I am being scrutinized to see how “spiritual” I might be, I no longer play the game that I used to play.  

You may have played it, too, if you call yourself a born again, fundamentalist, or evangelical Christian.  

It consists of two people circling each other, like dogs sniffing each other.  As they circle, the two people throw out spiritual terms that are in vogue right then.  Lots of them.

It is like a secret handshake.

It is also a competition most of the time, I am convinced.  

I try to “outspiritual” you while you try to “outspiritual” me.

I am not a player in that game anymore.  Two reasons:  1) God knows my heart and that I belong to Him and long to serve Him and 2) if someone is my friend long enough, they will know my heart, too.  If they don’t stick around to become an actual friend, what do I accomplish by winning the competition of the spiritual vocabulary?  Not much.

I don’t need to feed my ego by way of using more spiritual language than the next person.

A recent example is when we got our two “adopt-a-missionaries” at church.  People we correspond with all year long, praying for them and uplifting them in any way we can.  

I know one of them from Facebook; I know the other because his mother attends our church.  I zapped both a note, telling them to send up prayer requests and we would be happy to pray.  I did not include a spiritual bio of myself, nor anything to make myself seem special as their “adopted prayer partner” this year.  I didn’t even realize that till later.  

And I smiled when I realized that.

They don’t need to think of me as anyone special.  I will pray.  That is all they need to know.

Now Jesus is special!  If I can uphold His glorious Name that others may see it, life is worthwhile!!!


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