Why I Speak out Against Conspiracy Theories (and both the right and the left have ’em)

16 Apr

Why I Speak out Against Conspiracy Theories (and both the right and the left have ’em)

G.K. Chesterton said that there is no more logical world than the world of the person who is insane.

It is logical, nothing contradicts anything else, but it is very, very small and drawn in on itself.

It is as though a normal human can look out at the horizon and see a world full of promise (and some inherent contradictions) while an insane person looks outward and sees a horizon four feet away from him, defining a circle four feet around him which is his world. It is all logical; it all makes sense. But it is small, tedious, and boring. Oh so small.

I believe that maybe the root of insanity is substituting oneself and one’s own beliefs, perceptions, and values for God. And, if I were insane and made myself god of my own world, it would be a small, trivial, mundane world indeed!

Center on myself: get a small, insane world that all relates in consistent logical sense.

Center on God: get a wide, thrilling world with lots of contradictions and unexpected twists.

Life is like that.

And so it is with conspiracy theories, which usually border on the paranoid and the insane, if they are not over the actual line.

In fact, I have seen it said that every time a tragedy happens, people should look for the hidden story behind the story. That the tragedy is just the part designed to engage our interest while the magician does his trick behind the curtain in the other direction from where we are looking.

Oh, small, sad, insane world.

To make a statement like that is to state categorically that you know there is no such thing as an actual natural disaster. And there is no such thing as a senseless act conducted by a petty criminal or small group of criminals.

No, for the conspiracy theorist, everything involves a nearly global network of people, all in on the deception.

Kind of like this global network has become god, in the absence of an actual being called God.

Since I believe in God, I believe there is a metanarrative, not only tying together everyone on earth right now, but also tying together everyone who will ever live on this earth.

But humans cannot avail ourselves of this metanarrative, since it is in God’s mind. And those who know Him well, do not try to play God and tease the metanarrative out of Him. It belongs to Him.

Things are random and full of contradictions and twists in this world because we can’t see the great intelligence underlying all people and all events. We are not meant, right now, to see how God ties them all together.

Not until later, at the Great Unveiling, when we will see that there was, indeed, logic to everything.

But God’s logic, not man’s puny logic.


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