Waiting for God to Grow us a Heart!

15 Apr

I ran into a friend at Farm Fresh the other night–came out of the checkout aisle and saw my son over talking to him at the grocery’s Starbucks.

Our friend is in seminary and made the statement to me that he is seeking to successfully merge  his studies with his outreach to a dying world.  He is thinking a lot about how to do that and is not yet convinced that he knows the answers.

He especially emphasized, “How do I get motivated to get up and go out to a world that is dying right outside my door?”

Good question, and one, if we are honest, that we all face, at least some of the time. 

We know what Jesus called us to do.  The Great Commission says that explicitly in three of the four gospels, and in the book of Acts.  Go reach people with the gospel (for you social action types, He also taught that people probably are not going to be able to hear your gospel presentation if they are starving at the moment . . . so there is that, too). 

So my friend and I asked each other, “Why don’t we do that?”

We know Jesus loves lost people.  We know we are called to love them, too.

Why don’t we do what He asked us to do?  

There are many sanctimonious answers to that (I love the one where the person gets all drawn up to his full height and says, “God called me to equip the saints so they can go reach the lost . . .”  Yeah, right!).  

We can omit outreach due to pride or fear or a number of emotions . . .

But the bottom line is what the Holy Spirit inspired in 1 John.  If we love Him, we will keep His commandments.  If we love Him, we will love our brothers and sisters also.  Both the ones already in the church and the ones who could be in the church once they hear the gospel . . .

If we say we love God and show by our actions that we don’t really love people out there in a dying world . . . well, we just showed that our love for God is pretty suspect (1 John would say “nonexistent”).  

And, if we are genuinely born again, that does not annull our salvation, nor make God love us any less, for He still remains the Great Initiator of all Love.  

It just shows that we need to be honest with ourselves about our total need of Him, even to instill in us His own heart so we would love the lost and grieve over them as He does.

If I look on young girls broken by sin’s effects–pregnant at 12, aborting babies at 15, holding no higher aspiration in life than to get their identity from a man (or from a serial progression of many men), and my heart is not moved . . . I need to move closer to my Saviour, putting my head right up against Him and hearing the beating pulse of His heart, as He grieves for what sin has done to people precious to Him!!!


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