Have We No Mercy?

12 Apr

Dr. Kermit Gosnell stands accused of running a nightmare of an abortion clinic in Philadelphia.  The kind of clinic even prochoice people should condemn (and some have).

The accusations are bad enough.  But there is a whole backstory being told by his staff (and former staff), too.

Callousness of the highest degree.  Letting unlicensed people administer anesthesia to his largely African-American and Asian-American population.  Yet tending to the white women who came to his clinic personally (and putting them in a nicer room reserved just for them).  Dr. Gosnell, an African-American himself, supposedly explained that as “just the way of the world.”

He injured mothers, killing at least two of them.  

He did late-term abortions, much later than Pennsylvania law allows, ensuring that no baby was born alive by putting a two-inch scissors notch across their neck and spinal cord, severing the cord.  

I could go on but others have detailed these abuses much more categorically than I ever could.  

My question is:  Have we no mercy for Dr. Gosnell’s victims?  For the babies who died?  Precious babies made in God’s image and for whom His Son went to the cross.  Ripped apart with scissors for the sin of not being wanted.

Have we no mercy for the women who died?  For the women who were mutilated?  Some of them were not yet adults and some of them were adults who thought abortion was their only option.

 There are lots of women who feel all alone in the world and turn to abortion as a solution, not knowing that that particular solution can be much worse than a problem pregnancy.  

Where is our mercy?  Where is our hope in Christ?  Can we hold our hope in Christ out to these victims and pray they will see it?  Can we pray for them, wholeheartedly?  

Christ is our only hope, lost in sin as we all are before we meet Him.  

Can we remember that about ourselves?  Can we hold out hope to those who don’t know Him yet, that He can change their lives, both now and eternally?  Can we?


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