Fake it Till You Make It!

11 Apr

I have heard Christian teachers use the phrase “Fake it till you make it” several times in my adult years.  I think most of those times were even theologically sound!

The phrase has been used, largely, to encourage Christians to do the right thing in relation to other people, even when they don’t feel like doing it.  

You see, if we feel contempt for another person who happens to be a brother in Christ, we can end up with that contempt running out of every pore when we are around that person.  We don’t need to say a word.  It.  Just.  Shows.

So the teaching has always been to start praying for that person because it is impossible to hate someone for whom we are actively praying.

God will give us His own eyes to see that person and His own love to enfold him.  

God will show us that person’s brokenness, which, if we are honest, will be somewhat on a scale with our own brokenness.

For we are all broken, in comparison with God’s holiness.

The reason we “fake” the emotions we feel toward that person until they become something wholesome is not to be a hypocrite.  

It is because if we ever splashed our venom on that person, we could destroy him.

And why destroy a brother for whom Christ died?

How much better to start praying for him, and let God work His compassion into our hearts.

Yes, compassion even on someone who has, in weakness, tried to harm us.

God is all and is over all.  He can totally take care of those details.


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