Fake it Forever!!!

11 Apr

As a P.S. to my post on “faking it till we make it” with people whom we dislike:

There is one area in which we need to fake it and keep on faking it.  

This is not a theological principle so much as an aspect of human nature of which our loving God is well aware.

Studies show that a strong majority of adults feel as though they are in roles for which they are not  qualified.  That they are fakers, as a matter of fact.

This feeling is usually in relation to that person’s job.  Sometimes in relation to his family.  Sometimes both.

So we have a lot of people running around thinking that everyone else at their workplace, except  them, is totally competent and qualified for their job!

I know from personal experience what that feeling is.  

In fact, I was never so relieved as to read that most other people experience it just as I do!  

So . . . when I am feeling at work as though I need to hide because everyone else there is so incredibly competent and I am not . . . Turns out that the others are probably feeling exactly the same way.

We each feel as though we are secretly the child who was able to sneak into the trappings of adulthood. 

Ha ha ha!  The joke is on us!

And, knowing that, let’s press on, even though we feel, all life long, as though we are faking it!


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