Social Media and Teens, Sexting

1 Apr

Social Media and Teens, Sexting

One out of five teens! That is an awful lot of potentially racy photos to be circulated when breakups occur (or even in the midst of a relationship, as bragging rights . . .).

I have noted, along with other parents of young adults, that the decision-making center of the brain does not seem to be well-developed by age 18. Researchers even confirm this. We get much better at sound judgment by the time we turn 30.

So . . . be warned and talk to the teens/young adults in your family.

As a postscript, I learned something else about social media yesterday: I was on a website where I have ordered dresses, looking at potential graduation dresses with a young friend. In particular, we spent several minutes looking at and discussing a white sheath dress.

This morning, I got an e-mail from that website saying, “We noticed you were looking at these products recently and wanted to make some suggestions . . .”

There was the white sheath dress, right on top of the list!!!

So I was reminded that our keystrokes are monitored by those in retail, and can potentially be monitored by those in law enforcement.

It doesn’t mean anything to me, as I would not be tempted to visit a racy site.

But how about the thousands who are enslaved by pornography? They probably assume that they operate under a mantle of anonymity, as they did when they used to have to enter a porn shop to look at or buy such things.

But, it turns out that they are only protected by a “gentleman’s agreement” with the retailers who sell them porn. Their keystrokes are monitored, and could be released to law enforcement, to make a point, or for no reason at all.

Trusting the producers of pornography to preserve our anonymity? Maybe not a smart assumption.

Just a thought, and hopefully one that will scare a few people straight.


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