Picketing at Planned Parenthood on Good Friday!

29 Mar

I drove past our local Planned Parenthood building (a huge edifice) twice today.  First time, as I approached, I saw a number of people on the sidewalk.  I thought, “Oh, it’s a sunny, but cold, Good Friday.  That has drawn a crowd of anti-abortion protestors.”

As I passed though, my smile faded.  No, my face probably fell.  For the crowd was about twenty people holding signs that were pro-abortion.  One of them ready “Keep your crucifix out of my uterus.”  Nice.  Especially on the holiest day of the Christian year.  The intent wasn’t lost on me.

I thought immediately, however, of the many long years when Planned Parenthood soft-pedalled their role in abortions.  A huge provider of abortions, they wanted everyone to believe that their main business was referrals to mammograms (which it turns out they do not provide) and pap smear tests (which I think they actually do provide).  

I smiled once again, just a bit, realizing that if the pro-abortion protesters are now standing outside of their building, the connection between them and abortions is now clear for everyone to see.  Buyer beware and all!

Nothing like having your friends give you publicity in an area you have previously hidden!

On the other hand, I felt an immense sadness.  Almost to the bone.  Almost a weariness.  How long, O Lord, how long?

For this is, indeed, the holiest day of the Christian year.  What would compel a person to stand outside of an abortion facility today, of all days, and demonstrate their lack of agreement with God on preserving the lives of people He has made in His image?  What strange twisting of the soul would lead a person to mock someone’s crucifix today, on the day memorializing the Son of God going to one of those actual crosses and dying for our human race?  

What kind of immense blood guilt do we have on our hands nationally?  And what would lead twenty people to celebrate that before an entire city?  

Lord, help us!





2 Responses to “Picketing at Planned Parenthood on Good Friday!”

  1. Teri March 29, 2013 at 6:45 PM #

    Oh how this article tore my heart. It’s only proof of how MUCH our Lord suffered on that cross. And the mocking continues. Yes, come quickly Lord Jesus. Your kingdom draws near.

  2. Megan March 29, 2013 at 8:34 PM #

    Wow. That is telling. Well, at least they’re being honest. The thing is, the mantra really should be “get your vacuum suction machines out of my home!” from the children being silently slaughtered. Which I’m sure it would if they could speak. America has it so wrong. And beyond that, even, abortion is a human rights issue, not a Catholic issue. (Catholics are the ones who generally wear or carry crucifixes.) Thanks for sharing!

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