Just a Thought: I Am Outraged!!!

25 Mar

Outrage is just what it sounds like.  We out-rage someone else.  They are in a rage so we ratchet up the settings until we are yelling louder.  

I have become convinced we use outrage to cover over our own sense of guiltiness.  We know we are sinners.  So we find and isolate someone we regard as a bigger sinner than us and then focus on her sins . . .

That is the world’s way of dealing with guilt, but it is often the Christian way of dealing with guilt, too.  Find someone else’s sins to rehearse, not my own . . . dear God, please don’t make me face the fact that I too am a sinner in need of Your grace . . .

But . . . that is just the point.  Christians are only people who have come to realize their sinfulness and need of grace.  And how grace has been poured out on them in Jesus Christ.

Truly, if we have spent our life in outrage at everyone else’s sins, there is a chance we have never admitted our own and been born again!

May we bask in His forgiveness instead of living in our outrage.  


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