Are We a Bit Inconsistent?: Movies about the Bible

25 Mar

Disclaimer:  I have not watched the traditional old movies at Easter in forever and a day.  And I am not watching the new series about the Bible on the History Channel at this time either.

Soooo, I speak in some ways from total ignorance.  Either a faulty memory of the old or an unawareness of the new.  

However, when the movies “Barabbas,” “King of Kings,” “Ben Hur,” and “The Ten Commandments” came out in the 1950’s and 1960’s, wasn’t there a lot of happy buzz around them?

Families would gather around the television together at Easter to devour these four-hour masterpieces.  They would rejoice that Hollywood was making films about the Bible.  They would overlook the errors . . .

Oops, there is that last part, isn’t there?

You see, people still watch those old classics from the 1950’s and 1960’s at Easter today.  Errors and all.

But today’s young families have something else.  

A History Channel series on the Bible being shown in the weeks preceding Easter.  With errors and all . . . (just like the earlier movies).  

And we older folks have taken to telling those younger families that they are guilty of poor choices when they watch that series as a family.  Because it has errors and all.  

Just like the stuff we watched when we were children and/or young parents.  

Hollywood will never get it exactly right.  No movie could.  

We can choose to watch things with errors, or not.  

But we have to realize it is inconsistent to praise things from the 1960’s (with errors) while condemning things from the 2010’s (with errors).  

Just saying . . .


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