My Excellent Mom

22 Mar

My Excellent Mom

Last night in Bible study, as we looked at Proverbs 31, a Bible chapter on a virtuous or excellent woman, I had a memory flood back from childhood.

We were talking about the sacrifices moms make in financially hard times. How so often their kids are clothed in nice clothing while the mothers make do with fewer or older clothes. So many of us said, “My mom never got new clothes while I was young.”

That was true for us. My dad was an apprentice electrician when I was born. He worked his way up to foreman of a whole shift of electricians at General Motors but it took a couple of decades.

Meanwhile, we got new clothes when it was possible and nice hand-me-downs when it was not. Even me, the oldest! My hand-me-downs came from my grandma’s neighbor!

At one point, my dad took matters into his own hands and bought my mom two dresses for Christmas. He was making headway as an electrician and wanted to surprise the woman who was doing so much, sacrificially, for us.

Most of you ladies know what comes next. He got the right size (must have looked in her closet) but missed her taste by a mile.

I found my mom sobbing in her room right after we opened presents. She hated the dresses, but she hated worse the idea of telling my dad that his sacrificial giving had gone so far astray from the way it was intended.

And she never did tell him . . .

She wore those two dresses most Sundays to church for the next five years.

The one that I hated the worst initially became my favorite dress that she ever owned. In fact, I wish I still had a picture of it. Maybe somewhere . . .

She really wore it well.

No, she rocked that dress!


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