Just a Thought: Two Simple Prayers for Blogging!

12 Mar

As I look back on nearly nine months of daily blogging, I have but two simple prayers:

1) Lord, may everything I write be worthwhile.

2) Lord, may everything I write point to you.  Even the secular stuff.

For we all know that God has created His world with order.  We are freely given all things to enjoy, but may we choose to enjoy them according to His order.  There are great writers who are not Christians but who have God’s order underlying their books, short stories, and plays.  There are non-Christians who write movies and television shows that reflect the way God has organized His universe.

The differences are subtle but may I/we see them.  Does this writer present a family consisting of father, mother, and children as the societal norm and building block?  Does this writer present sacrificial love for others as being a desirable trait?  Does this writer appeal to an authority greater than ourselves?  Or is it every man for himself?

Just a thought, when analyzing writing, even mine.  

(As always, I delight in your feedback!). 


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