Unhelpful Blogs

8 Mar

I posed a question on Facebook today:  what constitutes a blog post that you will post on your Facebook page (or Twitter account, or reblog on your personal blog or . . .)?

I have come to the conclusion that I will consider almost anything, with the proper caveats.

I don’t usually post things with profanity, although I let some crude terms slide.  I was raised around farm kids and know that they are often very direct in their language.

I try to filter out any posts that portray God inaccurately, even if they are secular posts.

And I don’t generally post inspirational things that could easily pass as secular posts.  

Let me explain that last one.  There is a test I do.  If a “Christian/inspirational” post has so much of man’s effort in it that any person on the planet could succeed by following its principles, even an atheist, I will pass.

There are so many self-help books out there that I don’t intend to make “self-help Christianity” one of my categories on my blog.

The posts that purport to be spiritual and inspirational and start by telling a man to get out of his recliner and play with his kids or a woman to put down her iPhone and interact with her children in the park don’t cut it for me.  First of all, due to their presumption about the hearts/motives of other people, but beyond that because they are all about what man can do to make himself acceptable to God.  

The deal being that Christianity is all about God coming to those of us who couldn’t help ourselves out of our sinful condition.  He made 100% of the effort to make me 100% His child.  I was lost in my trespasses and sins.  Stuck, hopeless, defeated.  

And He saved me.

Now, while I don’t discount systems (like my beloved Weight Watchers) that rely on man’s effort (I call them “the law”), I just work hard to keep them separate from God’s system of grace that got me saved and sustains me in this life.  Without God’s grace, I wouldn’t even be present to live under Weight Watchers law <smile>.  

You will notice in Iconobaptist as the months go by that I will be working very carefully to differentiate God’s grace, which saved me and keeps me alive in Him, from things that are self-help/the law like Weight Watchers.  Both are necessary in life.  But they are not interchangeable.  


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