Is It My Job to Knock Your Pride Down?

8 Mar

It is just me or is there a whole subset of people out there, particularly in the Christian church, who think God has deputized them to go around knocking people off their high horses?

I was thinking about this question with more than casual interest today as I have seen several examples of this recently.  To be honest, my head is still swimming.

First of all, I will say it right up front.  My vote is that God does not deputize us to assist His Holy Spirit as miniature holy spirits to convict others of sin.

The reason I think so?  Because every attempt I have seen to do this is more vicious, more deluded, and more in the flesh than the original person’s sin ever could have been!

It turns out that trying to pull a speck of dust out of someone’s eye while there is a whole plank in our own eye looks really, really awkward to others.  And stupid.  And wicked.

If my choice is between going after someone like a judge, jury, and hangman due to my (possibly incorrect) impression that he is being proud or just leaving him alone, I vote for leaving him alone.  After all, if he really is being proud, is that fact really hurting me?  No, not at all.  More likely hurting him (as people laugh at him).

Nevertheless, I have seen people get all righteous on someone else’s Facebook page and publicly dress him down (whatever happened to a private conversation if you think someone is involved with sin and needs to repent?  A private conversation held with humility, and the awareness that we can all be similarly tempted?).

I have seen people create factions in a church to condemn someone for alleged sin, without bothering to go through the church discipline process God detailed for us in Matthew 18.

I have seen people purposely not read blogs or other things written by specific people.  Apparently just to punish them for being so proud as to believe that they have something worth blogging!

I have seen it with my blog.  There are a couple of friends who have blogged much longer than I have and whose blogs I read and adore.  They have gone out of their way not to read my blog, it seems.  Otherwise, how to explain that I have been writing for nine months and they have never read anything I have written?

I know they are accomplished bloggers.  No argument from me.  But to give the impression that that means a new blogger like me has never had anything worth reading in nine months of writing?  Is that possible?  Or is it more likely that they think of me as a new blogger, puffed up with pride, and purposely miss reading my things so I will acknowledge how unimportant I am after all . . .

Let’s just “walk the dog” on this one, as I am pretty sure neither of the people involved are going to suddenly start reading my blog today <smile>.  And if they were to do so, and were to recognize themselves, it might start a fruitful conversation.  Really!

What are possible things they could say to me (or any friend could say, fellow blogger or not)?

“Mary, I realize this blog is one of the most important things that happened to you in 2012.  I think that might be a problem for you.”  (then would ensue a discussion of how they blog and remain humble, as an example for me, if they are convinced that I blog out of pride).

Or, “Mary, I have actually read several of your blog posts but never told you so because I really don’t think you have the art of writing down just yet.” (then would ensue a very fruitful discussion of how my writing could improve).

Or, “Mary,  I never read any of my friends’ blogs when they are beginners because I consider beginners to be a waste of time.” (at least that would let me know where I stand).

But, let’s face it, when someone who has previously been considered a close friend goes out of their way to avoid encouraging or supporting you in something that is very important to you, that action alone makes a huge statement about the relationship!  Those who are wise heed this.

God certainly wants us to walk in humility, as our Bible study in Proverbs proved tonight.

It is just that there is no one so humble that God can use them to correct others without paying attention to their own level of pride.

A clue for us that I have read (in more than one place) is this:  if you think God is calling you to point out someone’s sin and you are salivating and looking forward to the encounter . . . God isn’t in it.  If you think God is calling you to point out someone’s sin and your heart is failing you for fear of being on such holy ground as such an unworthy vessel . . . maybe God is using that.  Keep praying!

May God bless us all as we grow in Him.  We all need to grow and to give each other grace to grow.


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