Downton Abbey Characters: Daisy’s Secret

8 Mar

By the end of Season Two of Downton Abbey, everyone knows Daisy’s secret, don’t they?

And no one takes it seriously.

She married William, on his deathbed from having his lungs destroyed by poison gas in World War I, because he was a dear friend and she didn’t want to disappoint him by admitting her love for him was not romantic, as his was for her.

Everyone kept urging her on, throughout the war, as William built his narrative around the life he would return to with Daisy!  They told her not to let him down till the war was over.  By the time the war was over, he was dead.

And poor Daisy was distraught about deceiving William into thinking she had a romantic attraction to him.

Only . . . every time Daisy was given a choice as to whether to act in her own self-interest or to act in the interest of this good friend for whom she felt no romantic attraction . . . she acted in his interest.  

Those who believe that love is an action would have a field day with the theology of this.  People have built solid 50-year marriages on far less than what Daisy and William had.

The Dowager Countess said as much to Daisy . . . 

His father, hearing her confession that she “focused on being a friend for far too long” said, “My dear, you only gave him the thrill of the hunt.”  

In fact, Mr. Mason, William’s father gives me my favorite moment of Season Two.  

It is when he has invited Daisy to his farm and tells her that William had three brothers and a sister who already went to heaven.  

He says that William married Daisy as he was dying because “he knew my bairns were all gone and he wanted me to have someone to belong to me.”  Then he asks about Daisy’s parents.  

She says that she doesn’t have any, that I “weren’t ever special to anyone.”

Mr. Mason responds that she was certainly special to William and that now he would like to regard her as his daughter and for her to regard the farm as her home.  

Wow, what a tearjerker moment.

And a powerful testimony to the need we humans have to belong to somebody, both human and divine.  

Total loveliness, that scene was.  Total loveliness.


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