Kicking it with Weight Watchers in California!

3 Mar

Kicking it with Weight Watchers in California!

Last week I returned from a two week business trip to California. My routine when we go to California (several times a year) is so different from the rest of the year that I thought to do a blog post specifically on how different it is to be on Weight Watchers out there.

First of all, since all the other contractors on my team are male, I tend to eat dinner with my colleagues, then go back to my room to read. I also work out at the hotel fitness center every night while on the road, which is about four nights more a week than I do when I am at home.

I walk to the Navy Exchange every noon hour from our work site out there. It is about a mile and a half round trip. I walk it at about a 12 minute mile pace.

And I mostly stand during the workday, since we are working outdoors in tents with hard plastic chairs. My job involves lots of observation, so I am moving around a lot anyway, but given a choice, I even stand for briefings, rather than park myself on those hard chairs (now that I have lost weight and all, LOL!).

The bottom line is that my second week in California, I earned 54 exercise points. That was counting my gym workouts and my walks, not the general moving around I did all day. If I owned the Weight Watchers Active Link, I would have been able to monitor my entire activity level, and see how different it is from sitting at a desk all day long at home . . . Maybe another trip!

Up against those 54 activity points, I did eat all 49 of my weekly points that week, in addition to my daily points. I never eat all the weekly points at home, but in California I was hungry enough to do it!

Not to mention that I slamdunked fresh fruit and veggies (0 points) all week long, too. In fact, the USO food truck proprietor would make me a fresh salad (just veggies and vinaigrette) each noon, to which I would add a $2 bowl of fresh strawberries from the nearby fields and a $2 bowl of fresh pineapple from Hawaii, both of which she also sold. Yum!

I ate a huge breakfast at the hotel every day, a whole cup of scrambled eggs (11 points), plus a cup of yogurt with fruit (6 points) and a quarter cup of granola on top (2 points). Nineteen points, spread out over the morning, as some of the yogurt, fruit, and granola went with me to work in a “go cup.”

So I ate and ate for two weeks straight, returned, and had lost 3.8 pounds.

Bottom line: 1) I always track my points, even in California. It is a must for me. 2) Fresh fruits and veggies are the stuff of life. I eat a ton of them, so appreciating the fact that Weight Watchers now regards them as 0 points. 3) When I am very active, I also get very hungry and can easily eat all of my weekly points. But if I balance it right, between weekly points consumed and activity points earned, I will still lose weight (or stay the same if that is the goal).

I love California. I love travel and I love sunshine and I love mountains that come right down to the sea . . .

And I love successfully working the Weight Watchers system while on travel in California.


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