The Bible is not about you! (nor me!)

26 Feb

The Bible is not about you! (or me!)

Before you shut down reading the title, please read the article.  It is one of the best I have seen lately.  It absolutely provides the balance for my realization that Christ died for me in particular, not for a nameless group of humans.  In fact, He died looking down through the centuries straight at me.  Knowing, in advance, my name and my sin and my shame, the pure Son of God went to the cross to redeem me from the kingdom of darkness.

Balancing that is the fact that salvation is God’s plan, God’s way.  I am part of His script for history, and not the other way around.  I say that in the most loving and reverent of ways.  Once I was saved, I did not subsequently get the right to reimage the Bible to make it all about me.  It is still all about that pure Son of God Who went to the cross for me, for us!!!  Hallelujah, and let’s delve into it to learn more about Him!!!

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