Military Suicides

22 Feb

I had the perfect Associated Press article bookmarked for inclusion with this post, but it no longer exists.

That is okay.  The statistics are easy enough to Google, for anyone who feels compelled to check them.

The military suicide rate is up, against the number of battle casualties.  My coworkers and I on a military base were talking about this.

The number of battle casualties is way down.  There is a reason for that.  We are out of Iraq.  By this time next year, we will be out of Afghanistan, God willing.

Our battle casualties at this time next year should be zero.

So the military suicide rate should be way up against that statistic!!!

However, since we have a Department of Veterans’ Affairs and every life is precious, we do support continued research on military suicides, and interventions, where appropriate.

The number of military suicides, even related to PTSD, is still a lower percentage than the number of civilian suicides.

But civilians don’t have a Department of Veterans’ Affairs to help them stay away from suicide.

So military suicide research and intervention will continue.  For civilians, not so much.

Just one of the differences between us.  And one for which this veteran is thankful.

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