Baptist Food Fights: Playing Hide-and-Seek with the Pastor

5 Feb

One last post, for now, about something I have noticed in my thirteen years of being a Baptist again.

We have an odd game of hide-and-seek that we play with our pastors.

It requires a pastor to have all of the balance of a tightrope artist, yet he will probably lose his balance during this game anyways!

It involves us letting our pastor know, over the course of months or, more likely, years that we regard ourselves as private people who get offended if he pries too much into our personal lives.  Those are ours, after all.  They are not open to comment by our spiritual leaders . . .

Then . . . we get a bee in our bonnet about something and decide to leave the church.  Or maybe we just want to take a breather from the church, a trial for a few weeks to see whether we miss it when we are not there.

In any case, we note the date that we stop attending and . . . we wait for the pastor to come after us.  If he does not pursue us within an arbitrary number of weeks, let’s say six, we start telling everyone that we left his church and he never noticed!

Never mind that we have given him every indication up until now that we would consider it an intrusion if he came after us and asked us personal questions.  At this point, he is supposed to be able to read our minds about what is wrong and what we want him to do about it.

I have seen it multiple times.  People leave, almost double-dee-daring the pastor to come after them and question them.

And I think they criticize his efforts whether he pursues them or whether he lets them go without a fight.

I believe this hide-and-seek game is one that a pastor can’t win, no matter what he does.  One where we change the rules so that he is always wrong, no matter what . . .

How much nicer it would be if we just plainly let him know what is on our mind . . .

Matthew 5:37,  “But let your communication be, Yea, yea; Nay, nay: for whatsoever is more than these cometh of evil.”


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