I Am Shocked, I Tell You, Shocked!

3 Feb

I Am Shocked, I Tell You, Shocked!

Almost everyone who knows me will tell you that I am being sarcastic when I utter that line!

Nothing shocks me anymore except the fact that people express shock at anything!

There is nothing new under the sun.  The devil has been at the same old schemes and deceptions throughout human history.  The Bible refers to his schemes with a word that can be translated as “military maneuvers.”  I like that.  Because, although military maneuvers can utilize an element of surprise, they almost all come from some precedent that has occurred in the past and they almost all build on each other in some way.  They are kind of predictable in that way.

The devil is like that.  In God’s sovereignty, the devil is not creative and God seems to have limited him to a finite number of moves he can use against us.  That is very good news for us.

Look at Te’o.  Are we shocked that an online girlfriend proved to be an impostor?

Are we shocked that “she” was actually the opposite gender?  Nah, literature has had that since Shakespeare, or maybe before.  The only difference is that Shakespeare plays always resolved with the mask coming off and the person turning out to be the opposite gender of the person he/she had fallen in love with.  A neat, tidy resolution to a huge dilemma!

Are we shocked that the “he” who talked to Te’o for hours and hours as a “she” fell in love with Te’o?  Nah, not even if it turns out that when he resolves his “confusion” he is not gay after all.  It is easy to see why a person with lots of self-loathing would start turning inward on a superstar football player after spending hours talking with him.  It could be as simple as a deep wish for Te’o’s super-manliness to rub off.

Are we shocked that this not-quite-yet-a-man who deceived Te’o says he was brutally raped on multiple occasions as a child and adolescent?  Again, no.  That is one of the scenarios that tends to launch the most confused adults into the world.  It is one of Satan’s most prized tricks, it seems, as it destroys the soul of the person who is raped and makes him  care very little about the fact that he goes on to damage other people, like a human cyclone.

I have nothing but compassion for all of the players in this tragedy.  Satan got his pound of flesh, again.

It is a fallen, pitiful, sad world.

Ephesians 6:11, “Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.”



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