Baptist Food Fights: Every Denomination Has its Own Family Fights!

3 Feb

. . . But, that said, I am not going to stay silent the next time someone uses the phrase, “That person won’t cross the auditorium to say hi to me but yet he expects me to . . .”

The last time I heard that, it was in the context of getting a sponsorship letter for short term missions from someone who supposedly “won’t cross the auditorium to say hi to me.”  The person’s point was that he regarded himself as exempt from helping out with short term missions contributions because he didn’t remember a recent time the other person had gone out of his way to say hello!

Two things:  I would remind the speaker that the auditorium works in both directions and ask when he last crossed it to speak to the other person first?

Yeah, probably not recently.  Why is it that we are so entitled that everyone else is supposed to go out of his way to say hello to us, but not the other way around?  Just asking.

Then, why not just give to short term missions because it is the right thing to do?  I mean, isn’t it possible that that person might not make a good best friend for us but would make a terrific missionary anyways?  Not everything is centered on us, after all.  At least, I truly hope not.  Those pastors who teach a God-centered universe had better be right!  I would hate to have it be all about me after all!!!

And, is it perhaps okay that we sometimes feel ignored by someone at church, or in other groups we are in?  Do we really need to be the center of attention every time people get together?  If so, why?

I submit that sometimes God allows us to feel ignored because that feeling is good for us.  It shows us it truly is not all about us.

I know.  I don’t like the feeling either.  But I am just saying God could use something that I don’t particularly like to grow me up a bit in Him.  Couldn’t He?

Oh, and before someone suggests a next step, I also believe it is good to stay at a church and work through family fights, instead of moving our membership every two years, at the first sign of things not going the way we wish.

I think God’s Word shows us we need to actually learn how to handle conflict in constructive ways.  As long as we are in this world . . .

We are family and we do all matter ultimately.

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