Our “Groupies”

20 Jan

Galatians 6:2, “Bear ye one another’s burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ.”

Earlier this week, I jokingly called a group of friends who asked for a picture of me in a new dress to be posted on Facebook my “groupies.”

I hope these ladies (and some men) know how special they are and have been to me!  During the entire year of 2012, as I lost 100 pounds, these friends stood on the sidelines (or virtual sidelines on Facebook), cheering me on.

I know that I would have no life without my Lord Jesus Christ; I also realize that life is to be lived in community on this earth.

I have felt the palpable support of these cheerleader friends as I have walked the Weight Watchers path for the past 13 months.  Would I have been able to do it without them?  Possibly, but I wouldn’t have wanted to try it that way!

I now have the opportunity to coach several of them who began Weight Watchers this New Year’s Day.  I am having a blast being a cheerleader/coach and answering questions the best I can!

Everyone needs to belong to a community; everyone needs to feel she makes a difference, that her life is not lived in a vacuum nor lived in vain.

Thanks, my “groupies,” my cheerleaders.  You are precious to me!Image


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