Stay-at-Home Martyr?

15 Jan

Excellent piece! There are two Bible principles to add here. One I alluded to last week: if a woman is a discontented single, she will likely become a discontented wife. That’s because a life not centered on Christ will always be looking for something that is missing . . . The second principle is that we are commanded (not suggested) to not compare ourselves to others. Ever! So this whole comparison thing between different careers, or between career women and homemakers is getting rather old . . .


saint-at-homeHave you ever asked a married woman what she does only to get a wearied, saintly look and hear, “I’m a stay at home mom.” I know that I have given that answer, with that look on my face. With rising recognition that work in the home is legitimate and challenging, a too-common attitude has arisen among evangelical mothers: we have the hardest job in the world (especially if we home school). Good job we realize that it’s the most important job as well, or we’d drop dead of exhaustion.

But it just isn’t so. Don’t get me wrong–staying at home and caring for children is hard work!

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