Alexander’s on the Bay is Holy Ground for Us

1 Jan


Alexander’s on the Bay is a bayside restaurant in Virginia Beach, right where our family likes to take beach walks.

It is also holy ground to us, for it was a customer dining in the restaurant who saved our son’s life when he nearly drowned in the bay right outside the restaurant in June 2003.

My husband and son had taken a beach walk. Joey, age 11, had a new floatie and went into the water after their walk.

As one often hears, he never looked like he was drowning as the waves pulled him over a drop off. My husband thought he was jumping up and down in the waves, having fun.

At the same exact moment, my husband and a little boy nearby noticed Joey stop swimming and lay his head on his arms in exhaustion. The boy’s dad and Noel both dashed into the waves to bring him back to shore.

As they headed for the beach, a doctor who had been seated at a window in the restaurant came running out and joined them in the surf, with his good dining clothes on!

He began rescue breathing for Joey, as well as trying to drain from him the water he had swallowed.

He kept our son alive until the ambulance arrived.

By the time I joined them at the hospital a couple of hours later, the doctor had already gone back to his evening. We never found out his name, but wrote a letter to our paper to thank him.

We have only ever eaten at Alexander’s once, but it is, forever, a favorite place of ours.


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